Why I Created Knowledge

I am a musician by trade, and while recording an album, any down time my bandmates and I had was spent playing board games. As we played more and more, I began wanting a battle-oriented deck-building game that also had an old-school, fantasy feel. I never found a game that came close to what I envisioned so, fueled by my idea, I stayed up very late one night cutting up a random Amazon shipping box and forming crude cards that would become the first Knowledge prototype. My Bandmates loved the game but obviously we needed something slightly easier to play with regularly than cardboard so I ordered some blank cards, grabbed some dollar store sharpies and got to the arduous task of writing out and coloring each card.

This second prototype of Knowledge became the band's go-to game and everything quickly evolved from there. Soon I met my girlfriend Laura Whittier, and it turned out she was an artist. She created all of the illustrations, hand painting each one, and came up with a card design that paired my game ideas with the old-school fantasy element I had hoped for. I also favored the idea of the game being diverse, featuring female characters with armor and protection that serve a purpose in battle, and having a realistic rather than cartoony look, so what Laura came up with in the end was a perfect match.

The two of us have managed every step and have had complete control of this project. We really feel it is so important to create a high quality game experience while trying to keep the cost of the game reasonable for everyone. We think small details such as good box design, real stones instead of plastic, are important to pursue not only to make the world of Knowledge come alive but also to make sure buyers of Knowledge feel like they are getting a quality game.
Currently the game is in production and should be available starting in May 2017. We'll keep our website updated with info about the release as well as send out newsletters. If you are interested in our newsletter, you can sign up below.